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Adventures In Egypt

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Greetings Beloved *Star*Light Healing Community! It's been a full month since my return from Egypt and the process of integration and allowing continues. Today I have been guided to postpone all group events for the month of April and focus on my physical body in preparation for the next level of Initiation. During this time limited individual sessions will still be offered. To see current offerings, click here. Read on for details about my adventures


In February I journeyed to Egypt with 1500 others from around the globe to participate in the YOSOY 2202*2022 event to "connect the Planetary Network and thus Sow a New Humanity in Harmony with the Evolution of the Earth". It was an indescribable experience that I will treasure dearly and hold close to my heart always. Afterwards, I spent several days in Alexandria on the Mediterranean Sea. To describe my experiences in the Mother Land would take much more than a blog post, but here are some of the highlights. Initially, it was an assault on the senses with the air pollution, garbage-filled streets, feral animals, chaotic traffic and incessant horn honking. But when I looked beyond the obvious, there is an energy is this land that is undeniable.

The first day I saw the Sphinx, I dropped to my knees uncontrollably sobbing in deep reverence and remembrance. I had the amazing opportunity to visit an active archeological site in Abu Sir called Temple of the Sun, where I walked barefoot upon the sands and climbed the stone people.

After three days of preparation, my YOSOY group made its way into the Great Pyramid of Giza on February 22, 2022 at 3:00am where we gathered in the King's Chamber to fulfill our role in connecting the planetary network. We sang and toned in this resonance chamber; it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The picture on the left shows our ascension (that's me on the left rail). The picture on the right looks out from the pyramid's entrance upon the lights of Giza.

On February 23 just before sunrise, all 1500 of us gathered in front of the Sphinx to give our love and gratitude to this Great Guardian and receive the wisdom and knowledge she holds within. This was one of the most powerful and sacred activations I have experienced. The picture on the right was captured moments after I received direct communication from the Sphinx about my current mission. I am still brought to tears in recalling that interaction.

Then it was two hours by car to Alexandria - I felt as if I had returned Home. This is where Egyptians go to holiday and only one person I met spoke fluent English. The picture on left is the view from the apartment. On the last day in this special city, I spent all morning and early afternoon receiving activations of the Divine Feminine, which culminated in a full-body submersion in the frigid waters. In the center picture I am enjoying my freshly squeezed juice before taking that plunge. Walking back to the apartment soaking wet, I was so excited when this food cart appeared (pictured on right) with hot and tasty sweet potatoes, yum!

Then it was back to Giza for one last sunset and night of sleep in the Holy Land before an early departure from Cairo. Love Love Love & Gratitude Beloved Egypt, I am forever changed.

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