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Adding Your Love-Light in Service to Earth

We had an amazing co-creative experience with the Higher Realms for the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse (Dec 3, 2021). The energies were very powerful and transformative. Whether you joined live or are called to join us in the quantum through the replay, your Light & Love are a part of this co-creation with the Higher Realms on behalf of All Life Evolving Upon the Earth.

We joined together with a myriad of Light Beings including Saint Germain and the Violet Flame, the Galactic Command, the Ascended Masters, the uplifted Ancestors of this Planet, and the Elohim and Seraphim. After a cleansing and purification, we received transmissions to activate/elevate, and then Source Light entered our Heart Portals and transmitted into the Heart of Mother Earth, and she became a bright Shining Star of Divine Love-Light encompassing us All! Then Divine Mother of All Life graces us with a beautiful transmission to calm our nervous systems and remind us of the LOVE WE ARE.

At the very end, I was asked to turn off my microphone while we all sat in silence within the sea of higher frequencies. After a few moments a brief and very powerful energetic transmission flowed through to the group. It was an extremely humbling and very emotional experience (as you will see).

Deep gratitude and love to all of you for Shining Your Love-Light in Service to All Life!

I would love to hear how this event was for you!

If you would like to support this Work further, please consider making a donation below.

Starlight Blessings to All!

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