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Adding Your Light In Divine Service - REPLAY

Recorded Sept 4, 2022. Join together with your tribe and the Higher Realms as we connect with, receive, and hold higher frequencies of Light in Divine Service, assisting the Earth and All Life. Everything is happening NOW in the Quantum Field... will you add your Light? [Meditation starts at 7:45 mins.]

During this Divine Task, the High Councils of Light guide us to a Golden Pyramid Temple where we join hearts with all Beings gathered. The dolphins, whales & manta rays connect with us, and our Star Families of Origin greet us. We receive activations and transmissions to help us remember our TRUTH and are offered assistance to RELEASE anything within us that diminishes our LIGHT.

We partner with the Galactic High Command and the Inner Earth cities of Light to become the conduits/channels for higher frequencies to be anchored into the core of the Earth. This energy is amplified and sent outward in all directions through all dimensions and life evolving within, on and around the Earth, and out into the galaxy. Afterwards we are surrounded in healing chambers of Light and the Angelic Realms bathe us in loving vibrations of regeneration and restoration.

As you add your Light to this Divine Task, you will also receive all that nourishes, supports and uplifts your Highest Good! As you Give, so you Receive!!

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