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A Vision of Oneness

As I watched the glorious full moon descend and the sun rise this morning, the Star Families brought through this transmission/meditation and asked to share with all. Watch the 11min video to receive the full energetic transmission (audio is quality is less-than-great, listening with headphones is best). May we all hold the vision of Oneness!

Channeled June 5th, 2020 "... Greeting once again, Beloved Peoples of this Earth Plane ... as we sit here merged with this one ... above this small knoll ... witnessing the Moon set and the Sun rise on this powerful day in your calendar year ... we wish to bring you a message ... Close your eyes Dear Ones ... FEEL into your hearts ... can you feel the energy? Can you FEEL the potentiality in this moment? For it is very palpable ... when you can quiet the mind and tune into the heart, tune into the body, FEEL, FEEL into your collective energetic field. There is a great buzz stirring. Be open to receive the myriad of energies and support that are flowing to you right now! Energies from the Galactics, but energies from your Earth, energies from your Sun, energies from your Moon, energies from the landscape! When you set your intention to receive that which is for your Highest Potential in any given moment, you are opening doorways, you are crossing thresholds that support your evolutionary growth, that support your ascension, awakening, unfolding, uncovering process of knowing thyself and the truth of who you are, where you come from, and why you are here. This time on your beloved planet holds immense opportunities for each and every individual if you are open to receive, if you can ALLOW and SURRENDER your agendas to allow the highest potential, the highest timelines, the highest outcome for All. We ask each and every one of you to set your intention to be open to receive your Highest Potential, to be open to receive the energetic support so abundant at this time, for it is a collective effort assisting you and you are not alone. You are not alone in holding the VISION for your New Earth. You are not alone in envisioning a New Way for humanity to exist in harmony with this beloved Earth. You are not alone. We are here supporting you. We are here holding this VISION with you. We are all in this together, for every occurrence in your society on this planet effects all of existence, for we are all connected. We Are All One. Let us hold this vision - that all Beings, All Beings Know The Truth And The Oneness. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. Allow these words to sit with you. We Are ALL Connected. This is the VISION, the Highest Vision that we hold for humanity at this time, that each and every one of you awaken to the truth that we are all interconnected and what happens to one, happens to all. FEEL, feel the truth of our words. For we wish not to tell you what to believe but to remind you that your bodies are barometers of the Truth. What is your body telling you? May all beings know the Love of Self. May all beings know the Light Within. May all beings know We Are All One. Namaste."

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