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A Clearing Transmission to Remember Who You Are

TRANSCRIPT: “Allow this transmission to be received through your Heart, through your Body, beyond your Mind. Set an intention to receive that which is in your Highest Good and Greatest Healing. That which nourishes, supports and uplifts you in this moment for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All Life. FEEL into your Hearts, Dearest Ones, Peoples of Earth. Invite your Highest Teams for indeed each of you is surrounded at all times by Beings of the Highest Light wishing to support you, to assist you, to help you navigate as you walk this Earth Plane. You do not walk alone. Allow yourself to connect, to come into resonance with those who are supporting you and guiding you from the Higher Realms, beyond this world, beyond this dimension. It may seem and feel that they are far away but they are right here and right now with you. For the levels of reality overlap. The dimensional planes of existence are simultaneously here now.

We have asked this one to share this transmission, this message, this transference of energy to assist those with ears that hear. If you are watching this, if you are receiving this, it is not by chance! You were guided here. We ask you once again to create, to set the intention to receive all that nourishes, supports, uplifts, elevates you! All that will help you to receive the Truth of who you are and why you are here on Earth now. It may not come all at once but TRUST that if you set an intention and you are open to receive it will BE.

Many of you are struggling with your missions to BE THE LIGHT ON EARTH, to HOLD THE FREQUENCY OF THE HIGHER REALMS, to BE THE CHANGE MAKERS and it is why we have come at this time - to assist you. For if you pay attention and you put your focus on that which is outside of you, that which is happening in your outer world from the view of your news broadcasts and your internet, you will become inundated and overwhelmed. It will be hard for you to hold a higher frequency, a higher perspective of what is occurring on your Earth. For from our vantage point, from our view point, from our station, there is SO MUCH LIGHT RADIATING FROM YOUR EARTH. It is not all doom and gloom as your newscasts and internet would have you believe. During these times, Children, it is so vital to bring your awareness, to bring your focus inward, for that is where your truth lies, that is where your truth lives, where it breathes - WITHIN YOU! We invite you to turn your awareness now inward, bring it internal, internalize your focus and ask to connect into your Truth, into your Light, into your Divinity! Ask to connect into all that you are beyond this physical world, to your Greater Existence. Be with that part of you, that Divine part of you that is always there. It is that small and quiet voice within you that is always guiding you. Do you allow and give yourself time and permission to hear it? To trust it? To BE with it? BE inside your own Heart for this is the easiest access point.

If your eyes are not closed already, Dear Ones, close them now and turn your gaze inward and BE IN YOUR HEART and ALLOW. Allow your truth to be revealed. Be in your Heart as we transmit these encoded frequencies to you to help dissolve the falsity, the illusion that dims you, that tricks you into believing you are less than anything Divine. Can you allow yourself to receive this? Can you allow yourself to believe in this? That you are a Divine Child of Light! You are worthy of Love, of Peace. You are worthy of Freedom, of Liberation. BELIEVE IN WHO YOU ARE even if you do not know who that is. Allow the possibility that you are so much more than you know yourself to be, that you allow yourself to be, that you have been told to be.

We invite you now to call the Light of the Great Source Creator, the Creatrix of All Existence! Call that Light into you now. Allow it to be within you in a stronger way. Allow it to surround you. FEEL this Light, this Love, this Truth of who you are. BE in this Light as we continue this transmission. BE in your Heart held within this Light.

(transmisssion continues)

Deep breaths in and exhaling. Imagine now, Dear Ones, there is a gentle rainfall showering you of Light. Cleansing you and clearing your energetic fields, the layers of your bodies. Your bodies beyond this physical expression. A gentle rain of Light showering you all now. Cleansing you and clearing away all that has been shaken up this day, all that no longer helps you. Cleansing away all that dims your Light so that you may SHINE your BRIGHEST BRILLIANCE! So that you may BE that STAR upon this world. RADIATING YOUR DIVINITY IN SERVICE TO ALL LIFE! Feel your Light, Children. FEEL your LUMINOSITY! For each of you are brighter now than when we began. FEEL THAT TRUTH WITHIN!!! We invite you to repeat this process whenever you are feeling less than. Allow this to be a clearing transmission to support you in any moment in which you feel less than this BRIGHTNESS. At any moment you feel weighted down by that which is around you or perhaps, that which is rising to the surface within you to be healed, to be cleared, to be let go. Use this as a tool to assist you. It is our greatest pleasure to be of service to the Children of Earth in helping you all to REMEMBER, to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. Who You Are.

From our Heart to Yours.

So I invite you to bring your full awareness and attention into your body, into your physical expression. Bringing all this awareness and bringing all your light more fully present to the Earth. Bringing your consciousness, your focus into this present moment, into this body. Feeling yourself embodied.

Your Lights are needed. This is why we have come. To shine our Divinity, to RADIATE THAT FROM WITHIN US. As we walk the Earth and we shine, we shine our Light upon others and we help them to remember who they are. This is how we change the world. This is how it’s done - by BEING that which we wish to see. This is how it’s done.

Blessings to All. Thank you for watching. Thank you for BEING here. Thank you for your Light.

Love & Gratitude to All.


RECORDED MAY 29, 2023.

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