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Star Light Healing attunes your energy through all levels and layers of your being from the emotional, mental, physical, and etheric bodies to the chakric centers, the auric field and the light body.  Assisting you in transformation, awakening and receiving the Loving Light you need to restore your soul’s truest vibration and BECOME your Highest Expression in Physical Form.

Star Light Healing

Star Light Healing is a unique and profound experience that combines channeling, Star Language transmissions, and multidimensional healing. 


As a conduit, or channel, for the Higher Realms (benevolent, high-vibrational beings of Light such as Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Families and more), Yédyamya connects to your Divine Self and your highest teams in Spirit to facilitate a beautiful healing experience that brings you Home within yourself, and guides you to the Truth of who you are.  Receive the wisdom, guidance and energetics needed to support your highest good and greatest potential.  This Work continues to assist and support you long after the session ends, and many of the benefits are realized (and recognized) in the days, weeks and months following your experience.  

Yédyamya transmits powerful energies and frequencies through speaking Star Language that assist with clearing and releasing, healing and rebuilding, and activating and awakening.  Many people feel a deep resonance in their heart or become emotional when they hear Star Language for the first time. This is vibrational healing that bypasses the conditioned human mind and is received directly into body and soul. Star Language encompasses many languages and dialects, as well as sounds, tones and clicks; and varies from soft and soothing to sharp and activating.  Languages that come through are specific to your needs and Highest Teams in Spirit, and multiple languages will be transmitted in one session.  

The Higher Realms speak, "We have asked this one to share this transmission, this message, this transference of energy to assist those with ears that hear. If you are watching this, if you are receiving this, it is not by chance! You were guided here..."

Love Ancor
Love From Clients

"The session with you was actually priceless...I don't know how to put a monetary price on such valuable and profoundly healing work ... I am filled with Gratitude for you and the work you do!" - P.G. 

"Thank you for the amazing session yesterday.  I felt it was a true birth, turning point, was so high and holy.  My deep, deep gratitude to your facilitating...Thank you." - A.K. 

"I am so very grateful for the loving, healing and guidance you shared with me... I will never forget the love I felt.  You opened a door inside of me that has been closed for a very long time." - J.V. 

Benefits Clients Have Experienced:


  • Soul Connection & Remembrance


  • Star Language/Light Language Activation


  • Reactivation of Multidimensional DNA


  • Recoding of RNA/DNA


  • Past Life Healing & Trauma Release


  • Psychic Surgery (removal of entities, miasms, implants)


  • Energetic Attunement & Realignment


  • Release of Old Programs and Limited Beliefs


  • Chakra Clearing, Activation & Balancing


  • Inner Child Healing

  • Emotional Release

  • Light Technologies & Tools

  • Higher Aspect Embodiment

  • Uplifted Frequency & Vibration

  • Experiences of Divine Love

  • Energy Field Activations & Upgrades

  • Light Body Activations & Upgrades

  • Healing Chambers of Light

  • Awakening Gifts & Abilities

  • Connection with Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms & Star Families

  • Messages from Guides/Benevolent Beings of Light...and more!

Benefits Anchor
Offerings: Indiv Session

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UPDATED September 2023: 

All offerings are temporarily unavailable.  If you need support, please visit our Resources page.  Star Light Blessings to All!

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