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Love from Clients

"I love this so much. I feel I am already shifting. Very high value for the price.  Thank you so much." - J.B. (USA)  

[re: Personalized Star Language COMBO]

"Yédyamya, Just a quick note of gratitude to you for our last [mentoring] session, I have been spending time with my inner self and feelings I didn't know I had. Healing wounds I was unaware of. I was overcome with insight to my soul as I sat holding my infant self and sobbed for the confusion of seeing but not able to touch the stars, and so many more. The intenseness of sorrow I have been holding in. So many aspects of myself I am able to reconnect with, I thank you for your guidance.  With so much love." - R.R. (USA)

"Hi Yedyamya!  I don't even know what to say - this was so beautiful and deep and familiar......filled with so much LOVE and SUPPORT........What a beautiful gift you have to be able to share this with all of us.  I can't wait to listen again this weekend when I can go deeper and deeper..........  I want to be fully integrated and I know my Star Families will help me get there!  Thank you so much - You are such a Blessing and a Gift To The Universe!  And I want to Thank You for all you do...........It is truly an Honor to have been guided in your direction........ Yea!!!!  So much Fun!  Love and Light." - E.B. (USA) [re: Personalized Star Language Transmission]

"Hello, I'm guessing you've rec'd a number of 'Thank you's' like this one but, thank you so much!  I replayed the [session] video and even more arose.  It amazes me how few of us with this human experience know how to love ourselves.  Yet, the glory of returning to it is beyond anything else!  You are amazing, Yedyamya.  Thank you again." - J.D. (USA)

"Yédyamya is a gift to us all.  I met her when she had some unsolicited messages to transmit to me and ever since she has always come through with what was meant for me in a way that is authentic and resonates nautrally with me.  I have been part of larger transmissions that she has interpreted for a group and the result is the same authentic message but amplified by the souls present.  She is unmistakably connected to higher aspects and I always beneift from her efforts.  I am grateful to consider her not just a mentor in some ways but as a trusted friend that I can count on.  Anyone reading this would be well advised to take advantage of any opportunity to spend a session with Yé-ya and if you have seen any of my [session] transmissions - I'm certain you too have been moved by her abilities." - Lowell Johnson, host of Starbuck's Mystery School Podcast

“I can’t thank you enough for the one-on-one session and art activator.  It has been an amazing experience for me. […] I love my art activator and it is beautiful!  It definitely resonates and when I have been meditating with my hands on it, my body starts buzzing and I feel energy moving through my hands. […] I really appreciate you and your gifts.  It is extra special because the combination of you being such a beautiful person combined with your beautiful talents and gifts makes for an extraordinary experience.  I am grateful for crossing paths with you and I look forward to more in the future.  Thank you so much!” - L.W. (USA)

“... It was a pleasure to meet you. My (session) experience, well I don’t know where to begin. It was very powerful. […] The love I felt during this was absolutely amazing. […]  I am so very grateful.” - C.K. (USA)

"I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed the activation. It really resonated and now for the first time I’m speaking light language. Thanks so much." - H.B. (USA) [re: Personalized Star Language COMBO]

""...It is so beautiful, you have me crying here because it is just so lovely.  When I opened it up it was like all the energy just jumped out … Thank you so much for that… It really, really, really touched my heart, I love it.  Thank you!"  - M.B. (Ireland ) [re: Personalized Star Language Art Activator}

"...thank you SO much for the deeply healing session this week! [...] I know healing happens in layers and it feels like this session finally got down to some very deep long-held energies that were really needing to go." - L.S. (USA)

"Thank you! Thank you! It was a wonderful, life-affirming session. Many blessings to you.​" - M.R. (USA)

“...I am listening to your podcast and I must tell you, that what you bring through you feels so much home. It is like when you speak the light language, I feel the connection to my home...and it is emotional, like I forgot and you bring it back. […] I have been researching light language and listening to channelers, but no one brings this emotional part forth as you do. […] And also when you speak I feel the urge to speak in light language as well. And the wisdom you bring through! You are real, a magic worker. I am so glad my guides guided me to you! […] I am so wowed again by your wisdom and your ability to connect with beings, I can feel their presence and the amount of energy is enormous…” - N.(Slovenia) [Re: Starbuck’s Mystery School Podcast, Sep 1, 2023

"I want to thank you again for the activator you created for me.  I feel such a peaceful, loving and empowering energy emanating from it.  It is changing the way I relate to others in a most positive way. I am so glad to have received it.  Many blessings." - M.A. (USA)

"Dear Yéya, it was indeed a great pleasure meeting with you on Sunday during my healing session. After watching the video and towards the end, I realized that I had released a lot of emotions including, tears of mixed past sadness and disappointments as well as joy and hope for the future. I am so grateful to the Universe to have connected me to you and again, thank you for everything you did for me ... Oh God, what an amazing session I have had!" - C.B. (Canada)

"Yédyamya Star Light and her team of Higher Dimensional Beings blew me away as they gave us an in-depth perspective and feeling of Source. This has been one of the most joyful episodes. Today, we asked the Higher Dimensional Beings what Source is to them! What they gave us in return is a beautiful experiential activation of the oneness of Source and how to feel into it! Welcome to one of our most humorous episodes!" - Malika, host of Jump Into Source Bliss, Online Global Summit, 2022

"I felt this immense powerful, loving, compassionate energy come in... it enveloped me in the absolute most beautiful energy... I have never heard or felt this energy before, but it fills me in the most complete way.  Thank you, the energy was the most beautiful, powerful, compassionate, all knowing energy I have ever felt - even more than God, Source." - S.L. (USA)  [Re: Jan 17, 2022 Event] 

"That [Dec 3, 2021 Event] was so beautiful! There was so much energy. While we were sending heart light through the Earth I saw this energy field start circulating around the Earth, covering the whole planet as it spiraled around. That was so beautiful. You are amazing.  Afterwards, as we were in silence, this HUGE feeling came over me that overwhelmed my whole being. I think it was Gaia! Sending love and gratitude! OMG!" - S.L. (USA)

"I loved your transmission on 11.22, it was awesome, ...thank you very much, it was a very powerful session.  I took a friend with me into the session (not physically) who had just been taken to hospital with a stroke.  She was much better the next day and everyone was surprised at how alert she was.  I do believe this was a healing that came from your session. ❤❤❤​" - N.M. (Switzerland)

"Thank you soooo much for the session, the recording, and the notes in your email!  The experience was very powerful.  After the session I felt so good!!  I really appreciate you so very much." - R.M. (Canada)

"Thank you Thank you so much. You have opened many doors for me and my Energetic Companions... Have really had amazing, varied, and unexpected results and experiences each day [listening to the Personal Star Families Message] … Thank you for giving me this opportunity to transform and transcend. It was an absolutely amazing experience all around." - C.D. (USA)

"...I have been listening every day [to the Personal Star Families Message]... your beautiful voice, the language and the sound of the words. WOW.  I will continue listening... thank you!" - M.R. (USA)


"Thank you so much for the healing session and energetic healing.  I am still experiencing the energy... Such a helpful session... With much gratitude." - C.R. (USA)

"Thank you and All so much for yesterday. So profound and loving and needed… Much love and thanks."

- G.O. (UK)

"The session with you helped to release some very deep, old energies and energy patterns and I'm very grateful to you and your team for the shift. Those energies also continue to support me in reweaving new patterns and a higher vibrational energy field that's better adapted to where I am now. The light technology tools that were offered from the Guides help me to stay in a higher vibration too, and this is so important in these rapidly changing and sometime chaotic times. Thank you so, so much!" - D.M. (France) 

“Okay so guess what Sweetheart - you recorded [the Personal Star Families Message] on my BIRTHDAY!  I love that I have had such a powerful clearing and I feel I am having a fresh start to life, (re-born?) precisely on the day I was born. I think their timing was hilarious.  I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything.  Really I have no words to say how much this work gives me hope and how much it means to me.  So many reasons to be grateful.”  - G.D. (France)

"My session with you was such a beautiful experience. For me it was a true opportunity to deepen my ability to surrender. What struck me during the session, and what makes me feel so very humble, is the love that came through. It felt so familiar. It was pure source of love of creation. After we hung up they (whoever they are) kept working on me. The past three days have had these moments of intense connection to this source. What amazes me is that the connection now feels more direct. Stronger. Intimate. During the session  I got confirmation of many things I understand about my process. With some new knowledge too. I now understand that in the past when I was coming into my power I was not able to do it from a place of compassion and love of creation. I am ready for that now. I am filled with compassion and can allow for the flow of love of creation in a way I was not able to in past lifetimes. What a beautiful journey! Thank you for walking this part of the path with me. Thank you for your willingness to allow for the flow necessary to assist others on their path. Thank you kindly. Much love and deep gratitude." - A.S. (Italy)

"I still feel so bathed in the energy flowing from your graceful and gifted heart.  Honored to be in your presence and so grateful to be blessed by your divinity..." - J.H. (USA)

"The session with you was actually priceless...I don't know how to put a monetary price on such valuable and profoundly healing work ... I am filled with Gratitude for you and the work you do!" - P.G. (USA)

"It is my honor to have met you and to have this unique magical experience with you and through you. I am grateful to you from the bottom of my heart for your great gift to me." - E.E. (Germany)

"Thank you so much for the session, it was really amazing... You are a beautiful spirit and have such lovely energy and so I feel really blessed to have been led to you." - P.H. (UK)

"I just wanted to let you know how much impact the reading I had with you has had on me.  When we brought in the light of my soul it felt very true.  Since then my self-esteem has rocketed as it felt like all the work I have done has been recognized.  And despite my having attention span of 3 seconds! has not impaired what I have achieved with your guidance.  It feels like I am more powerful and effective. After the reading, I kept having these electric shocks going through my body especially when I tune in to higher realms.  They have lessened now but are a sign of my upgrade!." - L.C. (UK)

"...thank you for the transmission last night - I thought it was fantastic." - C.B. (USA)

"Thank you so much for the beautiful transmission!" - T.S. (USA)

"Thank you for the amazing healing and activation you facilitated, I can feel a big shift in my energy and desire to step more fully into my service here on Earth." - B.K. (Australia) 

"I was Sooooooo grateful for that beautiful healing/channeling/upgrade you made possible for me.  That night and the night after I was sweating every toxin out of me...anyway, the next day I had no aches and pains, and my spine was much better." - I.R. (USA)

"I am so very grateful for the loving, healing and guidance you shared with me... I will never forget the love I felt.  You opened a door inside of me that has been closed for a very long time." - J.V. (USA)

"I am so blessed to have had this session with you.  I didn't sleep at all last night!  I have never received so much energy before.  Deep gratitude to you and the Galactic Command." - L.D. (USA)

"Thank you so much for the session, channeling and your time.  It is truly life changing!" - M.V. (Netherlands)

"Thank you so much for the Attunement it has continued to open for me.  It touched my heart so strongly and I am so very grateful." - L.M. (USA)

"Thank you again for that amazing activation and connection to my star families.  Life changing..." - D.C. (USA)


"Thank you Thank you Thank You for your awesome transmissions we all soooo need these at this time 🙏🙏🥰😘💫🧖‍♀️👏🙌🏻💖💖💖 Big love  to you Yedyamya for bringing these sacred transmissions, I speak for many of us not just me - WE SO APPRECIATE YOU 😘😘😘🥰" - O.W. (UK)

"I have to say that session with me last night was probably one of the most profound experiences of my entire life.

I immensely Enjoyed the experience and I am so grateful to you for this." - P.B. (Ireland) 

"I just wanted to thank you again for the session we had...I am so excited by the new energies my body is housing. I wanted to thank you and the star families for the wonderful activation and I am putting as much of their advice into practice as I can." -L.C. (UK)

"Omgawd!! ... that was the most amazing experience of my life 💕💕💕💕 thank you soooooo much . You are one special person. It was just magical .......,thank u thank u" - M.B. (Ireland)

"Thank You Yedyamya!!! What a Pleasure to work with Such High Level Guides, and a Open Channel! You Are Awesome!!!" - D.B. (USA)

"Thank you for the amazing session yesterday.  I felt it was a true birth, turning point, was so high and holy.  My deep, deep gratitude to your facilitating...Thank you." - A.K. (USA)

"The session with you 'opened me up ' after a period of feeling disconnected from my path...
I found the Star language delightful, and love love loved the instant translation... That's some skill you've got going there girl!! Don't ever underestimate the power of that gift! Well done you!!" - Solara An-Ra (Portugal) 

"...thank you for the healing session you and your Allies offered me. That Work continues to unfold within me, to realign and reconnect me. To say it has been profound would be an understatement. Thank you." - J.J. (USA)

"I cannot even tell you how much yesterday transformed my life! I feel like I am truly embodying my divinity and I am able to shine BIG and heal those around me as a result!! Thank you so words can justify the immense gratitude I have for you and this incredible gift! You truly are a powerful priestess and you are a source of inspiration to me! Keep spreading your love...the world needs more people like you!" - T.L. (UK)

“I thank you every day for my reading.  It affects every interaction that I have with people...the information that was given to me has helped me strengthen my purpose, and to keep my own needs in the fore-front. I feel much calmer...” J.B. (USA)

"SO grateful for your assistance, guidance, support and commitment to share in the clearest and highest possible vibration. All your diligence, efforts and focus came flooding through me, your clarity of vessel is what was able to reach me on such a deep level and wow wee sister! I can feel it today.  Blessings and support to you as you continue to share your work and assist many more as I will now too in love and in confidence. Eternal thanks." - N. (Ibiza)

"During the activation with Yedyamya, I received valuable information and powerful energies from many star families. The activation Yedyamya channeled has continued to work through my body and energy field, for several days and I feel it is ushering in profound changes. Yedyamya has a unique gift to share and anyone who feels drawn to connect with her for a session, should. I'm so grateful to her for opening up the space for me to receive all that came through. Thank you so much, Yedyamya." - Debra Moffitt, Author (France)

"Hey just wanted to say thanks again, I really really enjoyed yesterday, it was so special. Your such a sweet soul, thank you." - M.B. (Ireland)

"Her sessions give you a lot of clarity upon where and how you are at the given moment and the support of the guides that comes through her is very powerful and transformative, she is able to facilitate deep transformational healing, going to the roots of your issues and bringing them to Light ❤️🙏✨ I love working with her and will continue to do so.  Love and gratitude for your heart in divine service. Hauxx" -S.R. (Slovenia)

"Still buzzing from our session yesterday!  So much to digest, and so beautiful...I have a dragon friend... and actually received special messages from my star people.  Your gift is amazing." - S.L. (USA)

“First of all, let me just say that I had such a beautiful reading with you! There were 2 things that really blew my mind... you were saying RECONNECTION, RECONNECTION, RECONNECTION! That was very powerful as that is the type of energy healing that I do, and had not practiced in a long time... So that was a great message to receive. The other was when you talked about me putting cut flowers in my salon. What you didn't know is I have never agreed with cut flowers indoors. I do not care if others want to do it, but, like eating meat, I choose not to. However, you made me see it in a whole new light! "That is the sacrifice they make..." Others have tried, you have succeeded, as of now there will be cut flowers in my salon. I will keep you posted on the energy difference in the salon in a few months. Thank you very much, there was a lot of really good tips in the reading! Thank you dear, you definitely have a true gift!” - L.B. (Canada)

"I experienced such profound healing of my heart...which continues even long after the session is over!! The guidance I received from my Guides, My Star Family and The Divine Mother were absolutely profound...I am so Blessed and Grateful to be provided with the opportunity to have a session... Its a communication with the other side!! You are such a beautiful soul, very Gifted and Talented. I absolutely love your caring nature as you stood up to help me when I felt lost and heart broken...the sessions you provided brought me immense Healing, Peace and Clarity. I am forever in Gratitude for what you did for me!!" - G.K  (Canada)

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