Star Light

Channel for the Higher Realms

Star Light Healing Facilitator

Star Language Activator

Pronounced YAYD-yuh-MY-yuh


You are so much more than you have been led to believe... are you ready to know your truth?

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A native of Arizona, I spent most of my adult life in office management until a near-fatal accident led me to a healing arts degree and a spiritual path.  After a decade in massage and energy therapy, my Soul's prime mission was activated, but I didn't get the memo.  Instead, it felt as though my world was literally falling apart and I spiraled down.  That is when my inward journey of self-discovery began.  Soon after I was led to an opening to channel course, and since that time, my life has truly transformed and continues to unfold. 

We are lovingly supported by our Divine Self and the Higher Realms on this journey of self-discovery.  It is my greatest joy to channel Spirit and assist in humanity's awakening for the highest good of All Beings.

As a multidimensional healer and conduit for the Higher Realms (benevolent, high-vibrational beings of Light such as Angels, Ascended Masters, Star Families and more), I am able to connect with your Divine Self and highest teams in Spirit to facilitate a beautiful healing experience that supports your highest good and greatest potential, brings you Home within yourself, and guides you to the Truth of who you are.

Utilizing sound, vibration and frequency, I speak Star Language, which brings in powerful energies that clear, release, heal, rebuild, and activate all levels and layers of your being. The transmission of Star Language and healing energies will assist you in transformation, awakening and receiving the Loving Light you need to restore your soul’s truest vibration.

In addition to assisting humanity, I am guided by Spirit and Mother Earth to specific geographical locations in Divine Service (anchoring new codes and light technologies, reconnecting networks, uplifting grids, clearing/healing of land, and more) for the Highest Good of All Life. My travels include Slovenia, England, Ireland, Egypt and driving over 22,000 miles throughout the western United States with extensive work in Mount Shasta, California and the Four Corners area (Arizona, Utah, Colorado & New Mexico).