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Sacred Journey to Egypt
September Equinox 2023

(Exact Dates TBD)

Join us for a sacred and life-transforming experience as we travel along the Blue Nile to visit ancient sites and temples, including the Great Pyramid and Sphinx.  Receive activations and initiations, participate in ceremonies and rituals, and experience profound healing and expansion while being lovingly held and supported by the Mother Land and your facilitators, Yédyamya & Olivia.  So many of us have an affinity for Egypt having lived many lifetimes in this region. This Sacred Journey of a Lifetime offers an opportunity to reclaim and integrate lost parts of your soul, along with the gifts and knowledge gained during those lifetimes - to open and activate your Highest Potential and return Home to the Truth Within.  This is not your typical tourist adventure!  It is a Divine Homecoming and an opportunity to take your awakening and ascension process to the next level.  

Egypt Retreat
March 2023

This Sacred Journey calls to those on the Initiatory Path, whether you are newly seeking or have been traveling this path for many moons.  Yédyamya & Olivia have both experienced profound and life-transforming initiations while in Egypt, and it is their greatest joy to share this experience with others who hear the Calling. 

What is the Initiate's Path?

The Ancient Egyptians viewed the Nile as a metaphor for the human body.  They knew the path enlightenment takes begins at the base of the spine, and like a river, flows upwards to the brain.  They constructed temples along the Nile that simulated this journey of enlightenment.  As the Nile flows from South to North, initiates started their journey in the South and journeyed through the subsequent temples, culminating in the Great Pyramid, which represented the Holy of Holies (also called the “inner sanctum” and is the most sacred place within the temple). At each temple the initiate experienced the various initiations which tempered, refined, and opened the life-force channels. In order to progress to the next temple, the initiates proved that they were ready to meet, unify, and alchemically transmute the opposing forces of love and fear, light and dark, spirit and matter, life and death. Each temple enacted a particular aspect of the archetypal journey of Osiris, Isis, Horus, Set, and Hathor. These mysteries involved Light Conception, crucifixion, and resurrection. There has been much misunderstanding about the nature of crucifixion and resurrection, however, these are the foundational initiations of empowerment that anyone who chooses union in God/Source experiences. An INITIATION is that inner-directed experience that takes you over the threshold of irreversible change.  This is illustrated in the transformational initiatory process demonstrated by the butterfly that emerges into a new life resurrected from its crucified caterpillar life.   The 5 Aspects of Initiation: 1. A marked attitudinal change that brings a committed willingness to align limited consciousness with a higher will and purpose. 2. Physical changes in which toxins are cleared and dormant DNA codes, endocrine glands, brain and neurological functions are activated.  All of which result in enhanced health and increased potential for demonstrating paranormal abilities. 3. Emotional clearing and greater emotional maturity and stability. 4. Changes in self-perception in which there is a greater sense of divinity, sovereignty, interconnectedness, heightened creativity, and/or superconscious abilities such as telepathy and clairvoyance. 5. More identification with the spacious unified quantum realms instead of only perceiving and reactively dramatizing the limited transitory idea of being a separate mind located in a separate body. A person’s well-being and actual state of health is enhanced when his/her mind, emotions and body are in harmonious relationship with one another - a coherent energy field. When discordant, limiting, time-space perception shifts into quantum holistic awareness, spacious embracing love and appreciation there is healing or reestablished order, balance and wholeness. Another way to look at this is to see crucifixion, resurrection and ascension as those processes that return incoherence to coherency. The initiates’ consciousness was opened to the subtle energies of the mythic, archetypal realms, and they were tested according to the practices of the priesthoods in those days. Great beings of the Brother–Sisterhood of Light facilitated the rites of initiatory passage on the inner planes. The initiations that prepared Yeshua or any initiate, past and present, have very little to do, if anything, with religion. They have everything to do with changing one’s fear-based perceptions and behaviors. An initiate who has once perceived a limited, self-centred identity awakens to having compassion towards all life as an expression of the Divine Self. The path of enlightenment requires an ethical and expanded relationship with self, others, polarities, time, and space. The goal of all this work in the temples was to attain enlightenment, as the archetypal High God Horus demonstrated, when he attained his highest spiritual body called the Sahu. The halo depicted around a saint’s head or the hooded cobra at an Egyptian deity’s forehead symbolizes the attainment of the Sahu, and the precursory light anointing called the Uraeus. Activating the Sahu and Uraeus also signifies that the initiate has been anointed within the brain centers by a very high vibration that permanently changes neurophysiology and consciousness, thereby allowing the experience of conscious immortality. Those souls who have attained this mastery are called a Christ, Buddha or ascended master, whose destiny it is to function openly or secretly as a planetary server. (from the book, Anna: Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong)

Ovr Vision of Itinerary Overview (11-nights)

We meet in beautiful Aswan, Egypt!  Our first night we will stay in a luxury island hotel and gather that evening for an Opening Ceremony to set intentions for this Sacred Journey. 


The next day we board our private and elegant 12-cabin Dahabiya (large sailboat) and spend the next 4-nights on the Blue Nile.  During our time in Aswan, we will experience a Water Blessing Ceremony and Sacred Cleansing Ritual in the Nile, connect with the land and elementals at the Great Tree of Life, and enjoy our first private temple visit and ceremony at Philae, the Temple of Isis.  We will also visit the sacred sites on Elephantine Island and explore a colorful Nubian Village & Market. 

At each sacred site we will introduce ourselves to the Guardians, ask permission to enter and receive the Blessings of the Temple, and honor the Spirits of the Land & Stone.  

While aboard the Dahabiya relax and connect deeply with the waters of the Nile as we voyage to Kom Ombo - Temple of Sobek/Horus, and Edfu - Temple of Horus.  Enjoy a Sacred Heart Cacao Ceremony, observe the wildlife along the river, and witness each breathtaking sunrise and sunset.  We will have 0pportunities to visit additional sites and villages that the huge Nile cruisers pass by.

Arriving in Luxor, we disembark our magical sailing vessel and stay the next 2-nights at a Five Star Hotel.  Here we will explore many landmarks and temples in the surrounding area including: 

  • Karnak - Temples of Amun/Mut/Ptah/Sekmet

  • Dendera - Temple of Hathor

  • Abydos - Temples of Seti and The Osirion (Atlantean Temple)

  • West Bank/Valley of the Kings - Temple of Hatshepsut 

    • (Optional: Hot Air Balloon Ride)

  • Luxor Temple & Museum


From Luxor we fly to Cairo, and stay the next 4-nights in a Five Star Hotel with a beautiful view of the Pyramids.  We will visit ancient sites in the area including the Saqqara Step Pyramid, Memphis (city and capital of Ancient Egypt), as well as the Cairo Museum.  In the evenings we will gather to prepare ourselves for the final initiations.  

In the early morning hours on the September Equinox, we will enter the Great Pyramid for a 2-hr private visit and gather within the King's Chamber to experience a once-in-a-lifetime initiation/activation.  To complete the process, we will visit the Great Sphinx and experience a very special private sunrise ceremony and receive our last temple initiation. 

The next day enjoy a free morning and afternoon.  We gather that evening for dinner and the Closing Ceremony.  


The next morning hotel check-out and airport departures.


Most days we will sit in Sacred Circle to receive channeled activations, attunements, meditations and guidance from the Higher Realms. During our circles, we will have group shares to support your individual process. Be open to the experience and allow yourself to be immersed fully in what this journey offers.  You will be lovingly pushed to your limits and guided to expand beyond your current boundaries while being fully held and supported by Mother Egypt, Yédyamya, Olivia & Spirit!

Space is limited to only 21 initiates.  Reserve your place today!  

Specifics on accommodations, transports, etc are being finalized and will be provided soon.  A detailed daily itinerary will be shared after deposit is received.  The above itinerary overview is our ideal vision, and is subject to change depending on the flow in Egypt.  

What Is Included?

This is a Sacred Journey and a Divine Homecoming, and we want you to feel completely supported and stress-free.  In addition to the daily support and facilitation of Yédyamya & Olivia, the price includes:

  • PRIVATE 2-hr TEMPLE VISITS to Philae, Great Pyramid & Sphinx including entrance fees, gratuities and tips

  • All entrance fees, gratuities and tips to all sacred sites and excursions included on itinerary

  • All expenses within Egypt including travel, meals (2 per day/3 per day on cruise), lodging, and tips

  • 11-nights accommodation including 1-night luxury hotel Aswan, 4-nights Nile cruise on a private and elegant Dahabiya, 2-nights luxury hotel in Luxor, and 4-nights luxury hotel in Cairo (all double occupancy)

  • All initiations, ceremonies, activations, rituals, and meditations

  • Channeled wisdom, guidance and healing from the High Councils of Light and your Highest Teams in Spirit

  • WhatsApp Group to connect with fellow Initiates and receive trip updates

  • Group Zoom Meetings (2) prior to journey to answer your questions and provide logistical information about traveling in Egypt

  • Domestic flight from Luxor to Cairo

  • White head scarf

  • Vial of Sacred Egyptian Blue Lotus oil

  • Sacred Heart Cacao Ceremony 

  • Bottled water, tea and coffee each day

  • All transfers during journey and to airport for final departure on March 22, 2023

  • Tips for drivers/porters

  • Assistance in booking domestic flights to Aswan


  • International airfare

  • Entry Visa (available online for some nationalities, approximately $25, and can be purchased at Cairo airport)

  • Travel Insurance (short-term travelers insurance highly recommended)

  • Single occupancy supplement $500 (total for 11 nights)

  • COVID testing (if required).  Testing can be arranged for departure but is not included in price (approximately $70)

  • All beverages other than bottled water, tea and coffee 

  • Any personal expenses (additional meals, laundry, etc.)

  • Optional excursions during retreat

Dahabiya example.jpg

Dahabiya (example of)

Philae Temple, Aswan.jpg

Philae - Temple of Isis

Kom Ombo Temple.jpg

Kom Ombu Temple


Great Pyramid & Sphnix

Karnak Temple.jpg

Karnak Temple 

Edfu Temple.jpg


Elephantine Island Aswan_edited.jpg

Elephantine Island, Aswan


Great Pyramid of Giza

Luxor Temple.jpg

Luxor Temple

Your Facilitators

Yédyamya Star Light is a Channel for the Higher Realms, Star Light Healing Facilitator and Earth Guardian.  She holds a degree in Holistic Healthcare, specializing in energy healing and nutrition.  In 2017 Yédyamya opened to channeling and found her soul's calling.  In 2019 she discovered the ability to connect people with their Star Families and began speaking and writing Star Languages.  Yédyamya facilitates meditations and workshops, offers one-on-one sessions, and travels the world in Divine Service as guided by Spirit and Mother Earth.  

Olivia Walker is a Healer, Channel, and Wayshower.  She was born "awake" and could see and communicate with the spirit world as a child.  She is a registered mental health nurse (RMN) and is trained in holistic therapies and vibrational medicine.  In 2006 she began writing symbols.  During a past life regression in 2016, she began to spontaneously channel Star Beings who guided her to Egypt for her first initiation in 2019.  It was during this initiation she was told that one day she would lead Initiates to Egypt.  


Olivia and Yédyamya were brought together in 2020 and an instant soul sister connection was realized.  During the YOSOY Egypt event (with Mathias De Stefano) in February 2022 they were guided to collaborate and birth this sacred experience.  

For More Info & Registration

Contact Olivia Walker at or WhatsApp +44 7497 342488 to reserve your spot today!  Space limited to 21 initiates.  

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Sacred Egypt with a small group and we anticipate this journey will fill up quickly.  



Olivia Egypt_edited_edited.jpg


Dendera Temple of Hathor.jpg

Dendera -Temple of Hathor

Abydos-Osirion Temple.jpg

Abydos Temple

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