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The KEYS  &  Art Activators


The KEYS are sacred geometric portals that act as doorways to the Heart - to the Core of Creation - to assist humanity in Remembering the different levels of consciousness, and how to transmute discordant energy patterns into completeness, into balance and harmony; to restore the fullness and intention of the Divine Design. They are channeled from the Heart of Creation and hand-drawn by Yédyamya, and digitized by Alicia Crouch.  All of the keys Work with us individually for our Highest Good. Though we have given them names (or themes), each KEY'S ability to support us has no limitations. As we continue to expand into higher and higher consciousness, the KEYS' abilities to assist and support us also expands. We invite you to come into relationship with the KEYS as a daily Power Tool for your awakening.  It is recommended to spend time and connect with the KEYS to form a Working relationship as they each have a unique and specific frequency/consciousness beyond their name/label that can assist and support our Highest Good individually, and for All Life evolving on Earth.  As the consciousness of the planet continues to rise the KEYS evolve with her. Consider them intelligent Power Tools that benefit All. Click on an image to connect with it and learn more.

Art Activators

Art Activators are written transmissions of Star Language to support and assist the Great Awakening on Earth.  They work on a multidimensional level and assist us in becoming our highest potential.  Click on an image to see it enlarged and set an intention to receive your highest good and greatest potential.  This gallery also contains examples of personalized art activators (commissions) for clients.  

Would you like your own personalized Star Language Art Activator?  Click here for more information.

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