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What Happens In A Session?

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Yedyamya connects to your Oversoul/Higher Self/Superconsciousness to bring through what is most needed in the moment to support your highest good and highest potential, and the highest good and highest potential of All, in Love, in Light, in Peace, in Unity and in Oneness. Each session is unique and varies depending on where you are in your awakening process and what you need most at the time of session.

Clients have experienced many of the following in a single session:  

Star (Light) Language Transmissions & Activations * Multidimensional Healing * Inner Child Healing * Energetic Realignment * Energy Field Activations & Upgrades * ​Past Life Remembrances  & Healing * Messages from Loved Ones * Chakra Clearing & Balancing * ​​Connection with Ascended Masters, Angelic Realms & Star Families * Reactivation of Multidimensional DNA * Messages from Guides/Benevolent Beings of Light * Higher Aspect Embodiment * Deeper Sense of Purpose * Soul Connection *Awakening Gifts & Abilities

​Are you ready to discover the new you?

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What Happens In A Session: About
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