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Individual Sessions

You are so much more than you have been led to believe...are you ready to know your truth?

I am a conduit of Spirit, a messenger for the Higher Realms to assist those who are ready to transform, ready to awaken to the Light within and embody more of their Essence / Superconsciousness / Soul / Higher-Self. 

Spirit is lovingly supporting us on this journey of awakening and self-discovery!

What happens in a session?
Just as each one of us is unique, each session is unique, too.  It truly is experiential and varies for each person (and subsequent sessions) depending on where you are in your awakening process and what you most need at that time.  Each session begins with the Stargate energetics to create sacred space - a higher dimensional container that creates a foundation of support, and assists you in sensing the subtle energies of Spirit.  I ask to bring through any wisdom, guidance or healing that supports your highest potential, and then the adventure begins! 

Clients have experienced many of the following in a single session:  

Sound Healing / Past Life Healing / Inner Child Healing / Energetic Realignment / Activations & Upgrades / ​Past Life Remembrances / Multidimensional Healing / Messages from Loved Ones / Chakra Clearing & Balancing / ​​Connection with Star Families / Reactivation of Multidimensional DNA / Star Language Transmissions & Activations / Messages from Guides/Benevolent Beings of Light

Sessions take place on Zoom video call, and last 60-90 mins.  Please give yourself 2hrs for this experience - it is highly recommended after the session to remain relaxed in the energies for as long as possible. Drink plenty of water before, after, and in the days following your session.  

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What happens in a Session?: About
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