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Greetings Beloveds & Happy New Year!

The mission of Yédyamya Star Light, which began in 2020 when I embodied an aspect of my Higher Self, has taken me around this Sacred Earth in Divine Service to All Life.

This photo was taken last September at Land's End, which was our final destination during the England Pilgrimage that trekked along the Mary & Micheal Ley lines.

When I returned home from the UK many things began to shift and restructure in my life. It has been revealed that the 2023 England task marked the completion of Yédyamya Star Light's four-year mission and a new beginning for me.

And so it is with immense gratitude and humility that I close this chapter and step onto the new path before me. Once again, I journey into the unknown...

THANK YOU for the Love and Support that made it possible to accomplish this Work.

THANK YOU for adding your Light to the World and co-creating with us in Divine Service for the Highest Good of All Life.



Love Love Love & Goddess Blessings to All,


Updated: Jan 31

Greetings Beloveds. It’s been a bit. Here’s the latest news…

In September 2023 six of us pilgrimaged the St. Michael and St. Mary ley lines that intertwine and stretch across southern England. Along these lines you will find a plethora of churches and wells dedicated to St. Michael and St. Mary, as well as many, many sacred sites. We were guided by Spirit and traveled in Divine Service to All Life.

WE ACCOMPLISHED SO MUCH WORK!!! Here are the highlights…

We started in London on September 2nd. The next day we traveled to Hadleigh’s Castle (east of London) on our way north to Hopton, the eastern starting point for the St. Michael/St. Mary lines. In Hopton we Worked where the rivers converged with the North Sea (pictured). From there we traveled southwest along the lines in Divine Service to Bury St. Edmund’s, Uffington Castle/White Horse Hill, Wyland’s Smithy and the Bishop’s Palace in Wells. The Work also took place while driving in the car. The guides would say, “Heart’s open, Love flowing!” and “Radiate Ladies, Radiate!!!”

We stopped over in the Glastonbury area for the 4-Day Return to Avalon event, where four more women joined us. During this time we completed many Sacred Earth Works at the stone circles of Stanton Drew, Avebury, and Stonehenge (pictured).

We did extensive Work together in Glastonbury at the Tor, along High Street, and at our lovely group cottage in Highbridge. We also had beautiful experiences in the sacred Avalon Orchard (pictured) and at the Chalice Well.

After the intensive we returned to the road and continued southwest along the lines. In addition to what felt like non-stop Work while driving, we completed tasks at St. Nectan’s Glen, Tintagel Castle - the birthplace of King Arthur (pictured), and in Cornwall at Men-An-Tol and Boscawen-Un stone circle. On September 10th we arrived at Land’s End on the Celtic Sea and our pilgrimage's final destination.

The next day we made the long drive back to London for our last night in England.

A very special thank you to ALL the amazing women that made this pilgrimage and Return to Avalon possible!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!

UPDATE: I am taking a much needed respite and have suspended all offerings and group events until 2024.

Star Light Blessings and Happy Holidays to All!

See you next year!

In today's Shining Your Light in Divine Service, the Higher Realms guided us through a beautiful experience to bridge Heaven and Earth whereby we channeled energies from the Great Divine into the Heart of this planet. We called upon our personal experiences of joy and gratitude to amplify the Light radiance within us, and felt into the future to experience the All Encompassing Love, Peace, Unity, and Oneness that IS the New Earth.

If you have the heart's call, please add Your Light and Shine in Divine Service...

NEXT FREE EVENT: In Divine Service - September 17, 2023 (click link for more info & registration)

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